November 29,2011

Vijay anna gave an interview to Kumudham which is out in stores now.
In the interview when he was questioned about him opting to chose 'Vilayadu Mankatha' song in radio in a Velayudham scene and Ajith showing Kavalan's 'Vinnai Kaapan' song in Mankatha,He said,

"I didn't keep Mankatha song in my film just because Kavalan song was showed in Mankatha.In a film if a song comes in a radio like that,it will be mixed only at the time of adding effects.At that time Velayudham's assistant directors said to me that a radio song scene will be coming in our film and asked me whether we can play 'Vilayadu Mankatha' song that time and i replied them u need not ask me for that its a good and healthy thing to do"

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