Decenber 5,2011

It is time now for Madurai Online Vijay Fans to expose their mass.We know that the temple city Madurai has huge number of Vijay fans,but there was no proper group organised for online fans like Chennai,Coimbatore and Trichy.

Here comes VTL team to unite all Madurai Online Vijay fans and bring them under a group to show our mass on Nanban audio release.

We have organised a meeting for fans at Madurai to discuss regarding Nanban Audio release celebrations. Online Vijay Fans(Vijay The Legend team) meeting will commence this Sunday(11.12.2011) at Teppakulam(Madurai) by 5pm.

All fans are invited to attend the meeting and pour your ideas regarding Nanban audio celebrations.Only qualification you need to attend this meeting is,you have to be a Vijay fan :)

Fans who like to join the meeting at Teppakulam on December 11th

Worried that your city is not having such celebrations by Online fans?
Just let us know, we will organise a group and arrange for a celebration :)

Stay tuned to VTL for more updates :)

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