Director Vijay is furious that the track Vaanganna... from Thalaivaa, which has been sung by Ilayathalapathy Vijay, was leaked online. He minces no word when he slams online piracy, which he says is as serious a crime as the betting and spot fixing scandal that the IPL is currently mired in. The director's been working hard to trace the culprit and also has filed a complaint with the commissioner of police.

"I have been working to trace the source who has released the audio online. In the first place, we found out that someone had leaked the audio last month, and the said track has been making the rounds on social networking sites. The song was not even the official audio; the song was recorded during the shoot. I have filed a complaint with the commissioner, and requested his office to take this matter up very seriously. This is just as bad as spot-fixing and betting scandal. A person cannot record a song without our knowledge and release it online," says Vijay.

The director even goes to the extent of saying that if the culprit is someone from within his team, he shouldn't be spared. "This is an intrusion into a creator's privacy. I have filed the complaint on behalf of all creators like me. I would like to ensure that such leaks do not happen to any other director."

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