August 21 , 2013

Director A.L vijay who gave us movies like madrasapattinam ,Deivathirumagal has joined with "one man entertainment troupe"Ilayathalapathy Vijay for his 6th flick Thalaivaa.

The title “thalaivaa” clearly enunciates the story of the movie. The movie begins with flash back , where Tamil community people are attacked by Marathi community in Mumbai . Sathyaraj(Rama Durai) turns ‘Anna’ who becomes the savior of those people and handovers his son Vijay (Vishwa) to Nasser who moves to Australia. Vijay who is a passionate dancer in Australia accidentally meets Amala Paul(meera) and the later joins former's dance group which leads to their love. Vijay travels to Mumbai to meet his father Sathyaraj along with Amala Paul and his father in law Suresh to fix his marriage. Vijay on seeing his dad understands that his dad is in trouble and leaves a shocking message about his father's background to Suresh and Amala Paul. Sathyaraj tries to meet Suresh and Amala Paul to lighten his son’s love interest and ends up getting arrested and on his way back to Police station, he is torched inside the Vehicle, which leads Vijay to take his father position in course of time .

Thalaivaa is an out and out Ilayathalapathy Vijay's show. Be it vishwa or vishwa bhai Vijay has given his best and carries the movie independently on his shoulders. Vijay's dance movements, screen presence, dialogue delivery and humor sense has been well handled by the director. Santhanam's witty one liners are superb and keeps the pace of the movie on the right track. Vijay's eye-candy amala paul looks beautiful and has did justice to her role. Sathyaraj is outstanding in his character "ANNA". Rangana Nandwani looks gorgeous in her small role. The baddie Abhimanyu Singh is just ok and needs to improve a lot .G.V Prakash 's background score syncs well with the movie and all the songs are sure to make Vijay fan's go crazy.

Cinematography by Nirav is walloping and has rendered the perfect support for AL. Vijay. Be it Mumbai or Sydney, Nirav's lens keeps audience visually engaged throughout.A.L Vijay has dichotomized the mood of the film clearly and a touch of flightiness runs through the first half while sobersidedness pervades the second half. Credible characterization and a slow placed but fairly groomed screenplay are the other positive components of the movie apart from protagonist Vijay.

On the flip side the story of the movie has nothing much to offer.Dragging screenplay tests the patience of the audience but with proper utilization of Vijay , A.L Vijay eventually succeeds in his attempt .

To sum it up Thalaivaa turns out to be a winner for Vijay- Vijay combo and Ilayathalapathy Vijay's golden run at the box office continues

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